About Me

A Web Developer hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel; Evyatar specializes in Client Side development and SEO.

Client Side

Proficient in writing Semantic, search engine optimized (SEO) XHTML and HTML5 with Cross Browser CSS2 and CSS3, and developing Cross Browser Object Oriented JavaScript applications.
Familiar with various JS libraries (jQuery, MooTools and script.aculo.us, to name a few), as well as native JS code (Object Oriented as well) and AJAX.

Mobile Web Apps

Developing web apps for various platforms- iOS4+, Android 2.3+- on browser such as Stock, Chrome and Firefox, using HTML5 and CSS3 - local storage, application cache, audio and video playback.
Emphasis on performance, mobile limitations, hardware acceleration, CSS media queries, touch events and geo-awareness.

Server Side

Coding Object Oriented-ly in PHP and ASP.NET 3.5 (C#), as well as basic knowledge and familiarity with Perl.
Extensive work with Databases (both programmatically and with designated management tools) writing Stored Procedures and Transactions. Most familiar with SQL Server and MySQL, although worked with Oracle and MS Access as well.

Additional Skills

Working with common APIs such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Google's Custom Search.
Extensive knowledge of SEO and familiarity with various optimization techniques.
Implementing and tweaking Wordpress. Drumming from dusk till dawn.

HTML, CSS and JS Games I've Developed

Other Front-End Experiments

Evyatar Amitay in English אביתר אמתי בעברית